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ESMValTool Tutorial: Instructor Notes

This page includes some tips, reminders and advice for giving this tutorial.

Tutorial Content

Well ahead of the planned tutorial date, please go over the available tutorial material in your own time at least once to note specifics such as areas where your cohort may need extra time, any changes you want to make or additional examples you would like to include.

If you want to add to or adapt the material, you can create your own copy to modify by forking the repository. See here for a guide on how to fork a repository.

Please use our guide for Contributing when creating your own material just in case you would like to add to the current repository in the future.

Once you are satisified with the material you would like to use and have an estimate of the time required, please proceed with meeting logistics.

Meeting Logistics

Decide if the tutorial will be held on site or online. If on site, make sure of venue availability before finalizing the date. If online, set up connection details.

Once you have agreed to a date, and attendees have signed up, send them an email with the following information:

Also allow for sufficient time to get access to any accounts etc. which could take more than a few days in some cases (a good thumb rule is to have the time to send a reminder email a few days after the first email, so that participants will still have time after the reminder to complete setup).

Prepare an estimate for how long the tutorial will last (this could vary based on your choice of modules and any changes you have made to the tutorial). Do include comfort breaks as needed.

If more than one person will be conducting the tutorial, discuss ahead and decide who will handle each component for a smooth flow of the material.

Remind people a few days before the meeting about the pre-meeting exercises.

If conducting the tutorial on site, confirm room bookings and check for internet connectivity or firewall issues at the venue. Coffee and biscuits also usually go down well with participants!

If conducting the tutorial online, have a backup plan for failed or poor internet connections. This could involve sending participants some of the material or previously recorded meeting videos ahead of time. Establish rules for questions, microphone and video usage before starting the meeting. Send meeting connection details (Zoom/Teams etc.) ahead of time and the day before the meeting.

Have a feedback form ready if you would like attendees to send you feedback. Request that they do so at the end of the tutorial and send it out as soon after the tutorial as possible.